11 Ways to 5x the Value of Your Leads

Using Marketing Automation To Generate Revenue From Your Email List

7 Reasons Your Email List May Not Be Generating the Income You Want

  • Low Open Rates for Your Emails: It's difficult to generate revenue from your emails if not enough people are opening them.
  • Relying Solely On Newsletters: Monthly newsletters just don't cut it anymore.
  • No Idea Who the People Are on Your List (or What They Want): If your list is just a bunch of email addresses without other key information, you're truly marketing in the dark.
  • Paying for the Same Subscriber More Than Once: Did you know many email marketing services (perhaps the one you're using right now) charge you for the same subscriber for every separate list they've signed up for?
  • Sending the Wrong Message to the Wrong People: Stop annoying your customers with email offers of things they've already bought.
  • Not Knowing Your Numbers: Do you have a clear idea of what's working (and what's not) in your email marketing campaigns?
  • Treating Your Hottest Leads Like an Average Joe, and Your Weakest Leads Like They're You're Biggest Fan: Without the solutions to this problem, your messages are falling on deaf ears (and maybe even getting marked as spam).
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The Speakers

Clay Collins - Co-Founder & CEO - Leadpages

Ryan Deiss - Founder of Digital Marketer